K-Fashion Inspiration: I'm Seeing Stripes by Miss A's Suzy

London is one of Noona's favourite cities in the world and Noona was so excited when Noona found out that Suzy from Miss A has a photoshoot there for Cosmopolitan magazine. If stripes is your favorite pattern, Suzy has just the right look for you to follow.

The key to wear stripes stylishly is to pair different type of stripes while maintaining the monochromatic look. In Suzy's case, she wears white as the base color. As for the stripes style, Suzy pairs a smaller striped top with an oversize striped cardigan. The different size of the stripes patter really make the look pop up in the old street of London.

K-Fashion Inspiration: I'm Seeing Stripes by Miss A's Suzy

To make it more edgy, pair up the stripes ensemble with a high cut off fitted skirt and ankle boots. 

What do you need to achieve Suzy's look:

1. Striped top 
2. Striped cardigan (note: recommended to choose the same base color with the striped top)
3. Skirt (if you don't have Suzy's kind of skirt, you can match it with a simple flare skirt)
4. Ankle boots (cool, another reason to buy new boots to welcome autumn)

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