IU's casual beach style at less than 100 dollars

Noona is going to Australia next year for the big birthday celebration. What's so special about birthday? It happens that Noona's and her high-school-friend-turn-bestie's birthdays are only a week apart and we celebrated our birthday overseas back then in 2013 (in a cute Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe and Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei). So we were thinking of re-enacting our sweet birthday celebration at those unusual places overseas next year (and at the same time giving us excuse to go for a holiday).

Right, with that being planned, it's gonna be summer in Australia so what should Noona wear on the beach? She does not want to look too boring and yet does not want to look too complicated either. After all, it's the beach. If you share the same sentiment, let's take a look at what IU wears for her Unionbay's pictorial. Ta-da!

A tee, a knee-length jeans and wedges. Hey, that looks casual enough and easy to follow. Thanks a lot, IU! 

Now, let's search for all the key pieces to create IU's look at the beach. First, we need the tee. Thankfully, tees are everywhere out there at the stores, at the online stores, everywhere. You don't have to stick to green tee but if you'd like to, there is this cute Mochi Love tee from Etsy. It only costs USD20.

Mochi Love tee from Etsy

The knee-length jeans is kinda harder to find probably because it is out of the season now. But if you are staying in tropical countries like Singapore, there's no way you want to follow autumn/winter season no matter how bad you want it (sad truth). Anyway, Noona managed to find a pair of white denim bermuda from Tommy Hilfiger at Polyvore. It was sold at a discounted price of USD49.99

white denim bermuda from Tommy Hilfiger

What Noona loves the most from IU's summer fashion is her metallic silver wedges. The pair of Ellie block heel cleated metallic mule from Boohoo will do the trick just nice. The pair costs USD16.

Ellie block heel cleated metallic mule from Boohoo

Do you love going to the beach? What is the best beach in Korea? Noona can only think of Haeundae Beach in Busan but there is surely another nice beach in Korea. 

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