How to dress like Tiffany in less than 50 bucks?

SNSD is always nailing the style. Even when they are just walking to the studio for recording or event. Since the members of Girls' Generation has just wrapped their promotion on their famous title tracks "You Think" and "Lion Heart", there are a lot of fashion inspiration that we can grab from the girls, even when they just simply walk from their car to the studio. XD

On August 21, the girl group headed to the KBS building for Music Bank and Tiffany was seen sporting a stylish, rock-inspired outfit of the day featuring a Trunk LTD Nirvana Tee from Free People ($68and a luxurious Chanel Calfskin Bowling Handbag ($4500).

How to dress like Tiffany in less than 50 bucks?

Right, there is no way we can find an alternative to that majestic Chanel bowling bag and hence, Noona will not even start looking for an alternative to Chanel. But good news for us, at least we can still find alternative to the clothes that Tiffany is wearing. #hardlifeofanordinarygirl

As an alternative to the Free People's Nirvana t-shirt, ASOS is selling a festival tank top with Nirvana print at the cost of USD 22. Same legendary icon with a third of the price. 

ASOS festival tank top NIrvana print

For the black bottom, Romwe's Bodycon PU Zipper Black Skirt will do the job quite well at the cost of USD 16. 

Since we have saved quite a lot of money for the clothes, we can have bigger saving and hopefully, one day, we can afford that luxurious Chanel bowling handbag. 

By the way, how's everybody's weekend? Weekend always feels so short maybe it's time for humanity to consider adding another day to it. #wistfulthinking

Noona spent her days nursing her irritating cough. She has just taken a sick leave last Monday so she will not be able to take another one tomorrow because at this rate, Noona's boss will think Noona is forever avoiding Monday. Although, that is somehow kinda feel like the truth. XD

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