Summer in the Garden of Morning Calm at Gapyeong

Noona had never heard about the Garden of Morning Calm until she did a research about how to go to Petite France. The Gapyeong Tour bus' route goes all the way to the Garden of Morning Calm. So after Noona and her friend visited Petite France, we decided to spend our summer in the Garden of Morning Calm at Gapyeong. A lot of ahjumma(s) [re: Korean ladies in their 50s] were in the same bus as us. It seems that those ahjumma(s) are gardening expert because they are ready with the gardening gloves. 

Summer in the Garden of Morning Calm at Gapyeong

To enter the Garden of Morning Calm, we need to buy tickets. The adult ticket costs KRW 16,000. 

The Garden of Morning Calm is very big and it opens all year-round. So you can visit the garden at anytime of the year. The garden was designed by Han Sang-kyung, a professor at Sahmyook University. He got his inspiration when he served as an exchange professor in the USA. 

The official VisitKorea website further explains that he wanted to create a garden that would become world-famous and spread the concept of Korean beauty throughout the world. The inspiration for the garden came from a poem written by Sir Tagore, a great Indian poet, who described Korea during the Joseon Dynasty as "The Land of the Morning Calm".

The garden is, as described by Sir Tagore, calm and beautiful in green because when we visited the garden, it is still summer. The Garden of Morning Calm will be even more beautiful in spring or autumn. 

If you plan to have a picnic in the Garden of Morning Calm, you are encouraged to bring your own food because as far as Noona sees, there are no shops selling food here. There will be a lot of scenic walkways for you to embark upon so keep your camera ready! 

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