K-Fashion Inspiration: The Blue Lovcat Bag by Yoona

Noona never heard about a Korean branded bag called Lovcat until the lovely Im Yoona endorsed the products. Pretty people makes the product looks pretty? #eh

But the bags sold by Lovcat really does look kinda interesting. Simply because of its pattern. In particular, Noona's eyes were caught by the details printed on this blue canvas tote bag. 

K-Fashion Inspiration: The Blue Lovcat Bag by Yoona

When Noona browsed further into Lovcat's official online store, the color of the bag looks kinda different. But Noona supposes the real color will look like what it's reflected in Yoona's advertorial picture with Lovcat. #hopefully 

Lovcat Blue Canvas Bag Korean Bag

The tote bag costs USD 278.54. Supposedly the Korean branded bags starts from average of USD 300,-. Noona wishes it can be cheaper but oh well, everything is expensive nowadays. 

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