Fruit Waffles at Bean Bins Coffee, Samcheong-dong

There are so many cute cafes in South Korea, especially in Seoul. Being a fan of cafe-hopping, Seoul is really heaven for Noona. There is this one particular cafe that Noona has been looking forward to try because of its waffles. Fruit Waffles at Bean Bins Coffee in Samcheong-dong has gained a very good ravings in the social media and amongst Noona's friends in Seoul. So, what are we waiting for? Let's give it a try. 

Bean Bins' website claims that it is the first cafe in Seoul which introduces waffles. There are so many toppings to choose from to put on top of your Belgian waffles. Our theme for the day is random so basically we just pick the original fruit waffles which turns out to be all-kind-of-cut-fruits-thrown-on-top of your waffles. Messy is the new thing for waffles, it seems. The amount of cream thrown on top of the waffles may look a bit too much but in reality, the taste of the cream is quite light just like those Japanese cream they use on the cakes.

Fruit Waffles at Bean Bins Coffee, Samcheong-dong

Bean Bins also served yummy coffee and chocolates. Noona can appreciate chocolate better than coffee so she sticks to her ultimate choice of hot chocolate. The barista put a lot of whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top of it. Ultimate goodness. Noona has gone to chocolate heaven after a cup of Bean Bins' hot chocolate. 

Other than in Samcheong-dong, there is another Bean Bins store at Myeong-dong. For complete list of address, you can check them out at their website here. If you are already in Samcheong-dong, do check out its surrounding for a lot of cute cafes and boutiques and also, the famous historical Bukchon Hanok Village

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