Tea Time at Paris Baguette, Samcheong-dong

Samcheong-dong is a unique street in Seoul. It is located in between two palaces, Gyeongbok-gung and Changdeong-gung Palace. It is also the place where Bukchon Hanok Village is located. Other than these historical places, Samcheong-dong is also a street filled with a lot of unique cafes. Just like this cafe which has a bird statue on its rooftop.

Tea time at Samcheong-dong Seoul

Or the next cafe, Artisan Boulanger, which looks like a European cafe. 

Samcheong-dong Street in Seoul South Korea

We saw Paris Baguette along Samcheong-dong and we decided to take a break from our long walk under the summer sun here. When you visit South Korea in summer, it is the time where most cafes serve ice flakes (or patbingsoo). The timer is beeping when our order is ready for collection.

Tea time at Paris Baguette Samcheongdong Seoul

Just right at the start of Samcheong-dong, there is a tourist information center. We grabbed a map there and since we were having our tea time at Paris Baguette, we checked our map here. 

Map of Samcheong-dong area in Seoul

We ordered strawberry and melon smoothie as the weather was so hot. 

Strawberry smoothie and melon smoothie Paris Baguette Seoul

Cheesecake and cream puff to have for tea time. The cakes are yummy but they are not really cheap. I suppose cafe in Korea is not really a place to have cheap food. After all, relaxing in a cafe is kinda a lifestyle here.

Cheesecake and Cream Puff at Paris Baguette Seoul

Heard the road at Samcheong-dong is filled with yellow gingko leaves during the fall. You should visit the street if you happen to visit South Korea in fall. If you want to go in fall, you can start to look for early flight deal from now since it is still summer. #earlybird

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