Overpriced Latte at Coffee Prince Coffee Shop

Have you watched the K-drama called Coffee Prince? The drama is basically revolving around a coffee shop whereby the main casts are mostly acting as baristas. Well the good thing for us in real life is, a coffee shop called Coffee Prince does exist. And the waiter is kinda cute! Noona is pretty much swooned. XD

A Swooned Noona at Coffee Prince in Hongdae Seoul

The memorabilia(s) from the drama can be spotted all over the cafe. After all, the reception to the drama was quite huge when it was aired. 

Coffee Prince Cafe in Hongdae Seoul

The signature and comments from the main actors and actresses involved in the drama. 

Signature and comments from Coffee Prince actors

Of course we must order coffee here. Here comes the heart-shaped cafe latte. 

Cafe Latte at Coffee Prince Hongdae

Another type of latte. The thing about Coffee Prince Coffee Shop is...Noona find the price of the drinks is so expensive for Noona's wallet. Even though the coffee shop is so famous in the drama, it would be great if the customers do not feel so ripped off after drinking the latte here. 

For consolation, at least their coffees are drinkable (plus the waiter is really cute, Noona feels like kidnapping him). Although they do not justify the price tag. 

Noona and friends did not try the desserts because we have cried our wallet out paying for the drinks. 

If you decided to skip the cafe, there are other things that you can do in Hongdae like visiting Trick Eye Museum or doing some sightseing around Hongdae

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