Morning Walk at Seoul Station

If you are taking train from Incheon Airport to downtown Seoul, you would have set your feet on Seoul Station, the busiest station in Seoul. Seoul Station looks rather quiet on an early Sunday morning though. 

The Seoul Station that we know today is the new modern building. However, just right beside the new building, there lies the original Seoul Station. The original building is now known as Culture Station 284. It is mainly used for performances and exhibitions purposes. We could not come inside the Culture Station 284 yet at that time because the building was undergoing some renovation. Too bad. 

Culture Station 284 Former Seoul Station South Korea

On the square opposite the Culture Station 284, there is a statue of Kang Woo Kyu, which is an anti-colonial activist, who threw a grenade at the Japanese General. The man threw a grenade when he was 60. My goodness. 

Kang Woo Kyu Statue Seoul Station

Another commemoration symbol of Seoul Station on the road. 

Commemoration of Korean National Railway Seoul Station

The Galleria, a nearby shopping mall, has not opened yet because we visited Seoul Station quite early in the morning. Oh well, we will shop another time, then. 

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