Ewha University Student for A Day

Ewha University is recently ranked 1st amongst Korean universities in Leiden ranking for the year 2015 (fyi, Leiden ranking is a ranking system for university worldwide). So it is quite a privilege to be able to visit Ewha University in one of my visits to Seoul (and since it's near the shopping area too). We came on a Sunday and oh yeay, it opens!

Acting like a student of Ewha University

One of the iconic landmark of Ewha University is its monumental staircase throughout the campus centre, connecting all levels of the building. 

Monumental staircase of Ewha University Seoul

Just like the design outside, the design of the glassdoor inside is also magnificent. I feel like posing here but feeling a bit shy especially when a lot of pretty female students passing by. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that Ewha University is an all-female university?

The glassdoor inside Ewha University Seoul

Despite the modern design of the main campus, there are greens spotted in the area surrounding the campus. It kinda looks like studying in a some kind of a prairie in Europe.

The nature landmark of Ewha University in Seoul

The university church, surrounded by trees. Serene atmosphere befitting of a church. 

The church of Ewha University Seoul

The easiest way to reach Ewha University is by taking the subway to Ewha University Station, which is located one stop away from Hongik University Station. So you can visit the university either before or after your trip to Hongdae

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