How to take airport limousine bus from Incheon Airport to downtown Seoul?

Welcome to South Korea!

You have collected your luggage and ready to roam the city of Seoul but the question is, how to go reach downtown Seoul without dragging your luggage all the way there? If you are that lazy like me, airport limousine bus is your best choice to reach downtown Seoul from Incheon Airport. 

Incheon Airport South Korea

But first, we need to purchase the ticket at the ticket booth next to Gate 4 and 9 inside the arrival floor. This is how the bus ticket looks like. The ticket counter staff will circle the important information such as the bus number and the location to wait for the bus. The ticket costs 10,000 won.

Airport Limousine Bus from Incheon Airport to Seoul Ticket

The timing and the bus route can be found at the board. Each bus number has different routes. 

Incheon Airport Limousine Myeongdong Route

Upon alighting, the bus driver will hand the luggage tag to you so that you will not mix your luggage with other passenger.

Luggage tag for airport limousine bus from Incheon Airport

Finally we are inside the bus and ready to look around Seoul. The whole journey from the Incheon Airport to Seoul takes around 90 minutes. 

Downtown Seoul from inside the Airport Limousine Bus

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