A splendid changing ceremony of the Korean Royal Guards

After a numerous steps were taken inside Deoksugung Palace , Noona is finally ready to watch the royal changing guard ceremony. Worried about the crowd, Noona and friend came back 30 minutes to 11 AM, which is the first timing for the Changing of the Royal Guard ceremony at Deoksugung Palace. Th royal guard changing ceremony is held in front of Daehanmun, the main gate of Deoksugung Palace. 

Daehanmun Gate at Deoksugung Palace Seoul

After waiting and waiting, finally the ceremony started. Noona likes how colorful the traditional uniform of the guards is. However, Noona kinda wonders whether the guards will feel very hot and suffocated inside that traditional uniform in summertime. #workcommitment

The start of royal changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace Seoul

All the royal guards with each flag are stationed at their position. These royal guards were responsible for guarding and patrolling the gates of the capital city and royal palaces in Joseon era. Even in that era, the guards are working in a shift, divided into day and night shifts. And hence, comes the Changing of the Royal Guard ceremony. 

Royal guards with flat in front of Deoksugung Palace Seoul

Close up view of the royal guards. Any handsome oppa spotted? Hmm~~ 

Close up view of the royal guards at Deoksugung Palace

This is the main parade of the Changing of the Royal Guard ceremony. The whole procession is done exactly like how it is used to be back then in Joseon dynasty. There is a team of musician playing traditional instruments to play the background music of the ceremony. 

Changing of the Royal Guard Ceremony Deoksugung Palace Seoul

After the ceremony, tourists can take commemorative picture with the royal guards. They are nice enough up to the point they don't immediately disperse after the whole ceremony is over. 

Taking commemorative picture with royal guards at Deoksugung Palace

Tourists can watch the whole ceremony for free. So this is a good chance for you to experience one of the traditional ceremony in South Korea. 

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