Shopping Spree in E-dae, Seoul

After we have fun walking around Ewha University, now it's time to check the shopping area out. The shopping area of E-dae (the short form of Ewha University) is actually very accessible because the whole area opposite the university is actually full of shops and boutiques.

Shopping Spree in E-dae Seoul

Don't you feel like entering all the boutiques if the boutique is prettily designed. This particular boutique even has its own version of a big pink shoe with ribbon. 

Shoe Boutique in E-dae Seoul

My haul from a shoe boutique in E-dae. 

Cute Korean Sandals Bought in E-dae

We went into a stationery store and found something cute for our friend, Ernest. A sticker in his own name, how fun!

E-dae Stationery Store in Seoul

Other than shoes/clothes boutiques, E-dae also has a lot of hair salon. And this salon is designed very magically. Do you think I will come up with hair that can chance color magically like Tonks in Harry Potter series? Hehe.

A Hair Salon in E-dae Seoul

If you have all day, you should check out the boutiques located further deep from the main road because you may never know what kind of a bargain you will find inside. If you want to eat or have a drink-out session after that, you can go to the next station, Hongdae (Hongik University)

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