My love from Seoul, Bibimbap and Makgeolli

Back to Seoul, back to Gogung. Noona really falls in love with Korean food especially Bibimbap. So a visit to Gogung at Myeongdong guarantees an order of a Dolsot Bibimbap (re: Bibimbap in a hotpot). If you want to take a good picture of a bibimbap, you need to take the picture immediately after it is served. This is because once you have put your camera/ phone down, you need to immediately stir the bibimbap. 

Love Bibimbap from Seoul

While Noona is busy stirring her bibimbap, her other order comes and Noona's friend helped taking picture of the Kimchi Pajeon (re: kimchi pancake). 

Kimchi Pajeon at Seoul Gogung Myeongdong

Noona and friend visited Gogung in a cold rainy day, so we were in the mood for a hot makgeolli (re: rice wine). It tastes so heavenly. Slurp~

Hot Makgeolli at Seoul Gogung Myeongdong

Do you fall in love with Bibimbap and Makgeolli too?

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