Burning calories at Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace is one of the four palaces in South Korea which are still preserved until today. One of the main attractions at Deoksugung Palace is the guard changing ceremony which is held at the main gate. However, when Noona arrived, it was still early for the ceremony, so Noona decided to burn the calorie she ate for breakfast by walking around the palace complex.

Burning calories at Deoksugung Palace Seoul

A few metres away from the main gate, Noona found herself at the main palace area which is so tranquil and peaceful. Green trees, a traditional palace and modern buildings as the background. 

Deoksugung Palace in Seoul South Korea

Back in the Joseon era, each general and ministers must stand at where the stone statues are placed now. From the closer look of the stone statue, you can see the rank of the person who used to stand there. Imagine it as a morning assembly in the Joseon era. All hail the King! 

Stone Statue at Deoksugung Palace Seoul South Korea

Inside the Deoksugung Palace lies the King's throne and the dragon at the ceiling. The design of the throne and the decoration are pretty similar amongst palaces in Seoul.

The King's Throne at Deoksugung Palace Seoul

What is special about Deoksugung Palace is the color of the palace. The yellow windows make the palace looks more lively compared to other palaces. 

The yellow windows at Deoksugung Palace South Korea

At the other section of the complex, there is the National Museum of Art. Noona wanted to catch the guard changing ceremony so she gave this museum a miss. Maybe next time! 

One last shot of Deoksugung Palace before Noona stormed off to the gate to watch the guard changing ceremony. 

Deoksugung Palace in Seoul South Korea

How to go to Deoksugung Palace?

1. Take subway to City Hall Station and go to exit 2.
2. Walk straight for 100m to arrive at the main gate on the right


1. Ticket costs 1,000 KRW
2. Deoksugung Palace is closed on Monday. It opens from 9am - 9pm on other days. 

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