The Green Tea Haven at O'sulloc Tea House

After an uncountable visit to whatever stores we can see in Myeongdong, Noona is literally on the brink of extinction exhaustion. And so is Noona's friends. So we decided to take a break at O'sulloc Tea House in Myeongdong. The tea house was quite empty when we visited. Oh well, good for us since we did not have to queue for the seats. 

Green Tea Haven O'sulloc Tea House

O'sulloc is really a paradise for green tea lovers. This is because O'sulloc sells drinks and desserts which use green tea as its main ingredient. A glass of green tea latte is in order. 

O'sulloc Matcha Latte Seoul

My friend ordered green tea ice cream. We quite like green tea so this kind of tea house goes well with us. And more importantly, we could stretch our legs while enjoying a nice glass of green tea. Blissful!

Green Tea Ice Cream O'sulloc Tea House Seoul

How to go to O'sulloc Tea House:

1. Take subway to Myeongdong Station 
2. Go out from exit 6 and go straight for 400m
3. O'sulloc Tea House is located on your right, 80m after Woori Bank

If you are hungry, O'sulloc Tea House also sells some desserts. Otherwise, since you are already in Myeongdong, you can either try the street food called egg bread or have a lovely dinner of bibimbap and makgeolli

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