Jeonju Bibimbap, one of the best dishes in Joseon Dynasty

Noona can't have enough bibimbap so whenever there is a chance to eat bibimbap, Noona will drag a friend with her to eat bibimbap. This time around, Noona ordered a Jeonju bibimbap. Based on Noona's research about Jeonju bibimbap, it is apparently one of the best 3 dishes in Joseon Dynasty.

Jeonju Bibimbap

Noona was too hungry so she did not really count how many ingredients were thrown inside the bibimbap. However, there are three key ingredients for Jeonju bibimbap which are soy bean sprouts, yellow mung bean jelly (hwang-po-muk) and Korean style beef tartare (yook-whey). The rice is made with beef bone broth. 

Last but not least, Jeonju Bibimbap was not served in a hot stoned pot. So the beef tartare is rare. If you prefer your meat to be fully cooked, you should probably stick to the dolsot bibimbap. 

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