Seeking Inspiration in Hongdae

When life gets boring, it's not the time to be stuck in the house. At times like this, Noona likes to go out to crowded places to find inspiration. If nothing works, at least Noona can go to cafe, go shopping, or do some people watching. The best thing about Hongdae is, you can do all the three things here.

First, cafes are everywhere around the corner. From the common one like The Coffee Bean to the less common one called Coffee Brown. Most cafe(s) in Hongdae are full house on a Saturday afternoon. 

Finding inspiration in Hongdae Seoul

If you are not into cafe-hopping, you can do a lot of shopping in Hongdae because there are a lot of clothing boutiques alongside the main street. 

Shopping boutiques in Hongdae Seoul

There are a lot of students wearing stylish clothes spotted walking in Hongdae. Noona guesses the fact that Hongdae derived its name from Hongik University is the main cause for that. If Noona wants to study in Korea, Noona probably will consider Hongik because of its cool location. Hehehe. 

Hongik University in Hongdae Seoul

Wall art in Hongdae neighbourhood. Heard the wall art is painted by the design students from Hongik University. Creative bunch which Noona always adores. But Noona's parents never even suggested their daughter to study art. #noartsoul

Wall art in Hongdae Seoul

Noona's wandering has led her to Sangsangmadang, a unique building in Hongdae which is also serves both as a mall and an art gallery. 

SangSangMaDang Hongdae Seoul

You can find a lot of artsy stuff and collectibles inside SangsangMadang, just like this paper Spidey. Imagine Etsy in a building. 

Spiderman Paper Craft at Sangsangmadang Hongdae

Do you find inspiration whenever you stroll around in a crowded place? 

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