A local Korean street food called Egg Bread

Egg Bread (also known as Gyeranbbang) is a street food in Seoul that we often see at Myeong-dong area. To be exact, the push cart selling egg bread is usually stationed in front of Uniqlo in Myeong-dong. Basically it is a dough with egg put on top which are then baked together. This is how the egg bread looks like before baking.

Korean Street Food called Egg Bread

After the baking finished, the egg bread looks like this. The seller will then use torch for those egg which are not really baked perfectly yet. 

Korean Street Food Egg Bread Gyeranbbang

Final products that go on sale to the customer. The street food looks pleasing to the eye but taste-wise, it was not that good. The dough is kinda sweet. I prefer my dough to be leaning toward the savory side. But if you are sweet tooth (and egg lover), you probably gonna like them. This street food is quite filling so don't treat them as light snack. 

Korean Street Food Egg Bread Myeongdong Seoul

The price for each egg bread is 2000 won. The push cart is usually sighted at night time. If you stay near Myeong-dong, you will definitely have bigger chances of seeing the egg bread push cart. In summer season, a lot of hotels in South Korea offering discount, including Prince Hotel in Myeong-dong (the one that I stayed). For travel and hotel deal, you can check Groupon and Tripadvisor from time to  time. 

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