An Encounter with Haechi at Haechi Madang

While Noona is trying to find our way back from Gwanghaemun Square to Gwanghaemun subway station, Noona stumbled upon a place called Haechi Madang. 

Haechi Madang at Gwanghwamun Square Seoul

Curious on what kind of place is this Haechi Madang, Noona decided to venture inside the place and to her surprise, Noona met a yellow cute creature called Pikachu Haechi. Haechi is a mythical underwater creature which possess divine power to prevent fire and other disasters.

Encounter Haechi at Haechi Madang in Gwanghwamun Square Seoul

Haechi led Noona to its lair where, to Noona's surprise, is full of sleeping cute Haechi. Noona is so tempted to kidnap (re: buy) one but then Noona remembered that she needed the money to buy ramen for dinner. 

Haechi Dolls at Haechi Madang Seoul

With heavy heart, Noona must say bye bye to Haechi (and its identical friends) and move towards the Gwanghwamun Station, where Noona continued her journey in Seoul. 

Until we meet again, Haechi. Anyeong~

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