K-Fashion: I Eye that Lapalette Bag

There is this Korean brand called Lapalette which I know from watching the Jung sisters' reality show called Jessica (ex-SNSD) and Krystal (f(x)). In the show, the sisters had a photoshoot to endorse Lapalette. The sisters are pretty as usual but those bags are really eye-catching. 

I Eye that Lapalette Bag

While the blue bag is still nowhere to see, I've managed to find the orange bag which is held by Krystal above in Lapalette's website. The name of the bag is Eye Coupe Medium Tote. The pricetag for the bag is 239,000 KRW (there is 10% discount spotted on the website but not sure if it's only for Korean buyer). This is equivalent to S$289,- when converted using today's exchange rate.

Lapalette Eye Toupe Tote

So far, I haven't seen the bag yet in Singapore website of Lapalette. But the Qoo10 website sells the same bag for S$333,80. So, I suppose the mark-up is around S$45,-. I think I'd rather ask someone's help to buy in Korea directly. #cheapo

Anyone else in love with this brand?

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