K-Fashion Inspiration: Fringe it Out Like Son Dam Bi

It's summertime and hence, it's time for some fringes. I'm not really referring to your hair fringe although it's good if you have nicely cut fringe (mine's a mess, I can't live without my hairpin now). I'm referring to a fringe top. And if you have one but you have no idea how to wear it nicely, Son Dam Bi comes to your rescue. 

Fringe it out like son dam bi

Eyeglasses, black fringe top, white short and heels. Son Dam Bi is a really a fashionista. Pairing fringe top with short can apparently goes a long way especially if you want to flaunt your perfectly toned legs (haizz, still my dream at the moment). 

If only I can wear this style to office tomorrow...#weekendissofaraway

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