A Used To Be Paljamakjang, Hongdae

Anyeong! How is everyone doing today? Noona is felling hungry as usual. So, Noona is wandering in Hongdae to find food. Near the Sangsangmadang, Noona spotted a makchang restaurant called Paljamakchang (fyi, now the restaurant is known as "401" but it is still at the same location). The restaurant is owned by Haha from Running Man. 

Haha's Paljamakjang Hongdae Seoul

It was 5.30 in the evening, however the restaurant is quite packed. Noona and her friend are pretty lucky to be able to sit immediately upon reaching the restaurant. 

Inside Haha's Paljamakchang Hongdae Seoul

Noona has never eaten pork intestine before so she somewhat quite reserved about this dish. However the smell of the grilled intestine is so good. For your information, the server do the cutting and the grilling. Noona just need to watch them grill to perfection. 

Grilled intestine in Haha's Paljamakchang Hongdae

As Noona is already hungry, she starts eating the sundubu jjigae (i.e. Korean stew). It tastes spicily good. 

Haha's Paljamakchang Sundubu Jjigae Seoul

The grilled intestine are to be eaten together with the lettuce and perilla leaves. 

Lettuce and Perilla Leaves for BBQ at Korea

The sauces used to eat the intestines. 

BBQ Sauce for Korean BBQ in Seoul Haha's Paljamakjang

As Noona is a rice lover, she cannot survive without rice. So Noona and her friend ordered a dosirak (re: Korean bento) which is filled with sausages, fried egg and kimchi. You are supposed to shake the lunch box before eating it. 

The BBQ intestine at Haha's Paljamakjang really taste good. But to Noona's surprise, the restaurant has undergone some renovation and it is now known as "401". The major change is that the restaurant does no longer sell the intestine (*cry*). If you want to try the intestine, you can head over to another Paljamakchang at Gangnam which is owned by Gary, which is also a member of Running Man. 

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