My Coach Swagger Bag by Victoria Song

"Swagger: a very confident and arrogant or self-imporatnt gait or manner."

Well, Noona guesses Coach is selling its so-called "Coach Swagger Bag" to show that you can have a very confident personality by...well, carrying the bag. Not sure how true it will be but Victoria's pictorial shoot with Elle does surely show a confident and arrogant manner, in a pretty way. 

My Coach Swagger Bag by Victoria Song

Pictorial shoot aside, Coach Swagger Bag is actually a pretty cute slingbag. The backstage photoshoot of Victoria in one of Coach's events shows that the bag can be paired together with a cute dress.  It seems that the bag will be a nice pair to an edgy style too. Noona is imagining biker jacket somehow. 

Victoria Song at Coach Backstage

The size of the bag is also mini enough to be called trendy. Well, all the mini bags are making a come back this year after all. This Coach Swagger 20 with Chain in Pebble Leather costs USD530.

Coach Swagger Bag in White Leather

Reviews said that the bag is beautiful and the leather feels so soft. Although it looks small, you can actually put a lot of stuff in the bag but obviously that will make the bag heavy. 

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