Yoona's Fashion Style, Lovcat Bag

Yoona's fashion style

Hello everyone! Has everyone has a good Friday night? Nothing to do? Well, you can always come here to have a good random read about fashion. Noona has been into one of SNSD members, Yoona. Yoona's fashion style is so versatile. She can be so classic and yet trendy. Noona is not the only one who thinks like that. In fact, a lot of fashion industry brands ask Yoona to endorse their products because oh well, she looks amazingly good in everything. Nowadays, we can read about Yoona's fashion style in various magazines and websites. While looking for some styling inspiration from Yoona, Noona's eyes come down to a cute bag from a brand called Lovcat. Which obviously is endorsed by Yoona. Noona guesses this brand is coming from Paris because it sounds Parisian. #simpleguess

What is Lovcat?

Ja~ja~ja...Lovcat Bijoux turns out to be a Korean brand. The brand exudes Parisian vibe because it mixes Anthropology and French-chic concept into its brand concept. From all Yoona's photoshoot, Noona loves this Lovcat bag the most. 

Yoona's Fashion Style, Lovcat Bag

With this kind of bag, you do not have to dress up in wild color and stuff. A simple plain clothes will suit the bag just fine. The Lovcat Bag costs KRW 448,200 on Lovcat's online shop.  It is roughly equivalent to USD 390.

Lovcat Bag Yoona Fashion Style

Other than bags, Lovcat is also selling a lot of other items such as jewelries. It is quite famous for its monochrome style earrings, bracelets and necklaces. After all, simplicity is the best, right?

Where to get this?

Lovcat Bijoux has its stores at all Lotte Department Stores in South Korea. While there is an avenue of buying the bag online, Noona can't determine for sure if there is delivery to a country outside South Korea because the website is in Korean.

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