Exploring Itaewon

After admiring the cuteness of Petite France and the beauty of the Garden of Morning Calm, it was finally time for Noona and her friend to go back to Seoul. We reached back Seoul around 5pm-ish and we decided to check out Itaewon, since it has been featured so many times in the variety shows. Especially when the shows involve foreigners living in Seoul. It is very convenient to reach Itaewon, one can just take the subway there. Let's go exploring Itaewon.

Exploring Itaewon

Itaewon is known as a unique place in Seoul where you can see a lot of different cultures mix together. There is a joke saying that international residents may not know Seoul, but they know Itaewon. Seoul even designated Itaewon as its first "Special Tourism District" to boost its popularity amongst the international tourists even further. 

In the afternoon, Itaewon looks rather quiet. Tourists can do a lot of shopping in Itaewon because there are a lot of fashion stores here. International brand such as Aldo and Adidas can be found here in Itaewon. If you are looking for rare sizes (especially those with bigger and taller size), you can find them in Itaewon. There are a lot of experienced tailors which are offering customised clothes. 

Fashion stores in Itaewon Seoul

In the midst of a lot of international high fashion brands in Itaewon, our eyes fell on ice cream store called Baskin Robbins. We have Baskin Robbins in Singapore but we never see them serving ice cream on a toast. 

Something weird actually happened after we ordered our ice cream. A strange crazy man suddenly barged in into the store and immediately sit beside us while talking...okay I don't know what's he talking about because he was speaking Korean but he was damn loud and does not look a bit normal. So we quickly grab our things and move to another table which is further away from him. Few minutes after, two (quite cute) policemen came in and brought the weirdo away. Could not believe we were exposed to this kind of randomness just for having an ice cream in Itaewon. On another note, the chocolate cookie ice cream from Baskin Robbins taste yummy. 

Chocolate chip cookie ice cream Baskin Robbins Itaewon Seoul

After we had our ice cream, we noticed that there is KFC located just opposite Baskin Robbins. We decided to give it a try too because sometimes fast food chain around the world sells different things on their menu. The sauce in KFC in Seoul already looks different. Hahaha. 

If you are into clubbing, Itaewon is also famous for its nightlife. In addition, it also has so many international restaurants from Mexican to Italian. Noona supposes noone will get bored in Itaewon. 

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