1970s Mini Cross Body Bags Style for Decke by Han Ye Seul

1970s Mini Cross Body Bags Style

1970, the year when my mother was still in her 20s fully swing in her fashionista moment (yea, my mother is kinda a fashionista in her era). It is also the era of disco and hippy looks. But most important it is the decade of mini cross body bags style. Good news for all of us who loves this style very much, a lot of famous fashion designers from Saint Laurent to Stella McCartney has embraced this style and brought it to new level in 2015. If you are interested in reading on other 1970s style apart from the cross body bags, you can read the full article here. Of course the style from the fashion shows will stream down to a lot of fashion brand, including Korean fashion brand called Decke. 

Han Ye Seul's Fashion Shoot

Noona has adored Han Ye Seul very much since she watched her drama, Birth of a Beauty. It is a typical Korean rom-com drama but if you are looking for a fashionable drama, you must watch it. Especially since Han Ye Seul is so pretty. Since Noona has officially become Han Ye Seul's fan, it is fated that sooner or later Noona will take read a magazine featuring Han Ye Seul. Marie Claire has done a pictorial featuring Han Ye Seul in Paris to promote Korean brand named Decke. Here is one of the fashion photoshoot. 

1970s Mini Cross Body Bags Style for Decke by Han Ye Seul

And here is another one. Han Ye Seul really captures the Parisian chic and beauty in the photoshoot. 

Han Ye Seul Marie Claire Decke Handbag Pictorial

But oh boy, looking at the bags makes Noona wondering what babies are those?

Let's talk about the Decke handbags

In the first photo, Han Ye Seul is wearing the Ms Ladybug Medium Cross Body Bag. The bag also comes in black color. The bag costs KRW 685,000 which is the equivalent of USD 596. There is also a smaller size of the bag which costs slightly cheaper at KRW 525,000, which is equivalent to USD 456. The Ms Ladybug Cross Body Bag will be fun to wear in a party or a disco club. 

Decke Mini Black Ladybug Bag

The second look of Han Ye Seul featured another type of mini cross body which was also worn by Gong Hyo Jin in her drama called "It's Okay That's Love". This Bass Small Dot bag does look cute and retro with all those fun pattern. It comes with a strap so you can wear it as a cross body bag. Bass Small Dot also comes in two size, small and medium. The small one costs KRW 485,000 (USD 422) while the medium one costs KRW 785,000 (USD 683). Personally speaking, Noona prefers the smaller size because it looks cuter in small size. =P

Korean Mini Dots Small Bag by Decke

Where to get Decke bags?

Decke's flagship store is located at Shinsa-dong area in Gangnam. For full list of its outlets, you can check them out at Decke's official website here.

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