Goo Hara's White Lace Dress Style

White lace pieces have been dominating the fashion industry this year, especially during Spring. Well, it is no wonder because the style is so easy to wear and yet, so stylish. Noona personally loves this style too as it is so easy to find any white lace pieces on the market. And they do not really cost a bomb too (although some do). Noona knows this style may not be very suitable for autumn but for those people who lives on a tropical area, they have summer (with occasional rains) all day. So, yeah, this post is for you!

This time around, Noona is going to post about white lacey dress because she was so inspired by Goo Hara's photoshoot with International BNT. Goo Hara is shown wearing Jain Song's lace two-piece dress and silver pumps. The leader of KARA is also seen wearing Bonnie Bag from Samantha Thavasa.  

Goo Hara's White Lace Dress Style

There are tons of alternatives for the white lace dress although it is very difficult to find one which is actually two pieces dress. If you do not mind a one piece dress, maybe you can consider the cooperative lace mock neck dress from Urban Outfitters. The dress costs USD89.

cooperative lace mock neck dress from Urban Outfitters

Another option is the lace crop top mini skater dress from ASOS. The dress costs USD81 and the good thing is, the dress shows a silhouette of two-pieces dress. 

lace crop top mini skater dress from ASOS

For the shoes, Noona does not know the brand which is worn by Goo Hara but you can consider Charles David pact pumps in silver. The shoes cost USD 99. 

Charles David pact pumps in silver

Last but not least, it's the bag. Noona has actually mentioned about Bonnie Bag from Samantha Thavasa in her previous post about Yoon Eun Hye's style. Bonnie Bag is actually one of the new items introduced for autumn season by Samantha Thavasa. The bag costs USD520. 

Bonnie Bag by Samantha Thavasa

Noona supposes she can say white lace dress is not just for the brides, eh? XD #feelingproud

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