Learning to wear the blues from Krystal Jung

It seems that Noona's wardrobe is filled with all blacks. Black is always the most popular color for ladies because it makes us looks slimmer. But there are so many people out there wearing black, it kinda difficult to style ourselves apart when we are wearing black. Alternatively, there is another cool color called the blue. Today, we are going to learn how to wear the blues from Krystal Jung, a member of girl group f(x). Krystal is spotted wearing all blue ensemble for its pictorial with Jimmy Choo in Los Angeles. The famous shoes brand even gave Krystal and her sister, Jessica, a personally designed shoes based on her image, silhouette and more. 

Learning to wear the blues from Krystal Jung

For the shirt, you can go for something navy. The long sleeve silk navy blouse from Macy's seems to be able to do the job quite well. The blouse costs USD 65.

long sleeve silk navy blouse from Macy's

For the alternative to the striped shorts that Krystal wears, Storyland's striped shorts at yesstyle.com only costs USD 16.90. Awesome!

Storyland's striped shorts at yesstyle.com

Krystal is spotted wearing the black oxfords in the pictorial but Noona managed to find a two-toned oxfords which has an element of navy. Nordstrom is selling the pair of Restricted's Betsy Two-tone oxford for USD33.

Nordstrom Restricted's Betsy Two-tone oxford

By the way, do you know that f(x) is currently making a come back with their single called 4walls? The song is kinda different from their previous songs. f(x) is famous for its electro-pop style but it seems that 4walls is somewhat...softer? The girls from f(x) are also set to hold their first concert at Seoul Olympic Hall in January. All the best to Krystal and the rest of the girls from f(x)!

"Opening a new door, 
as I open them these 4 walls that grew more with you.
These new walls that are different colours again,
this new world I'm falling deeper into."

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