How to wear a denim jacket with a dress?

Denim jacket does last forever. Since Noona bought her first denim jacket 10 years ago, denim jacket is still a popular fashion item. But, Noona always wear her denim jacket together with long pants. Is that another way to wear a denim jacket. Oh, with a dress? The question is, how to wear a denim jacket with a dress?

Thankfully, in the middle of the confusion, Noona found a pictorial from Roem, a fashion brand in Korea featuring Suzy from Miss A. Roem has come up with new autumn outfit of the day by combining denim jacket and a blue dress. Really what are we looking for, right?

The blue dress costs KRW 79,900 (equivalent of USD 69). Noona likes the pattern of the dress but the dress has long sleeves. Noona personally prefer short sleeves dress because Singapore is so hot but I guess this dress will work just fine in those countries which have four seasons. 

Roem Blue Pattern Dress Long Sleeves

For the denim jacket, Noona found Vintage Western Denim Jacket from Topshop Moto which costs USD 64 in Topshop's website. 

For the footwear, Noona think the combination of denim jacket and dress will work just fine with any footwear from flats to heels. Hope you like the fashion inspiration from Suzy! 

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