K-Travel: Beethoven Virus in Petite France, Gapyeong

If you are a Korean drama lover, you will surely have heard of a drama called Beethoven Virus before. The drama is basically telling a story about the hardships endured by a Korean Maestro called Maestro Kang. His office was filmed in Petite France, a resort village themed on Saint Exupery's The Little Prince in Gapyeong.

Since we are here at Petite France, let's visit Maestro Kang's office, shall we?

Beethoven Virus Maestro Kang's Office in Petite France Gapyeong

The signatures of the entire cast of Beethoven Virus can be found inside the office. 

Beethoven Virus Cast Signatures inside Petite France

Welcome to Maestro Kang's office. And please say hi to Noona's friend, who just started as Maestro Kang's secretary today. Uhm, friend, why are you sitting at your boss' seat? XD

K-Travel: Beethoven Virus in Petite France, Gapyeong

There is a piano at the corner of the room which Noona feels like playing. But Noona can only play do re mi fa sol if you know what Noona means. #actpro

Piano inside Beethoven Virus in Petite France Gapyeong

The office is very pretty. It has a lot of vintage furnitures completed with European traditional figurines inside the cabinet. Love!

French furnitures inside Maestro Kang's office in Petite France

If you are visiting Petite France, don't forget to pop by to Maestro Kang's office, ok! 

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