The path leading to Moonlight Garden

After we finished taking picture at the Sunken Garden in the Garden of Morning Calm, we continued our walk to the other area of the garden. There is this one random area full of rocks. The rocks are stacked neatly on top of each other. This is a common sight in Korea, especially amongst the temples and on hiking trails. The Korean believe that when you add rock to a stack and make a wish, if the stack stays, the wish will come true. But if it falls, then the wish will not come true. Some rocks also represent family, each rock for each members. It's a bit like praying for good luck over the whole family. 

Rock stacking in Korea

Halfway through the garden, we realised that we had not had our lunch yet. The best way to enjoy your lunch in the Garden of Morning Calm is by bringing your own lunch and enjoy them inside the gazebo. A lot of people had the same idea with us especially a group of ahjummas (re: Korean aunties). 

Resting gazebo at the Garden of Morning Calm

We managed to buy some wraps from the bakery near our hotel in Myeong-dong before we came to the Garden of Morning Calm. It is quite enjoyable to have picnic in the garden since we seldom do this in our daily life. 

One hour later, we were getting sleepy after we ate. So we continued our journey to the next section in the garden which we had not checked out yet. We came to the path leading to Moonlight Garden. From a glance, it seems that there is something at the end of the path. 

The path leading to Moonlight Garden

At the end of the path, there is a small white chapel. You can book the holy matrimony for your wedding here. The Garden of Morning Calm is one of the most famous place in South Korea featured in people's pre-wedding and wedding pictures. Noona thinks it would be kinda awesome to get married inside a beautiful garden. She really needs to find her oppa (or dongsaeng, she does not mind) soon. 

White Chapel at the Garden of Morning Calm

This couple took pre-wedding pictures at the Garden of Morning Calm in autumn and wow, the garden looks amazingly beautiful in the autumn. Superb pre-wedding venue, Noona must say.

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