K-Fashion Inspiration: Let's Buy Some Keds by Krystal Jung

Noona loves wearing sneakers. Too bad she cannot wear it on weekday. To be honest with you, Noona has not heard about sneaker brand called Keds before until she passed by its store and saw Taylor Swift's poster. Tay tay is the muse of Keds in US. So her picture (and a few of her design) is everywhere in the store. 

To Noona's interest, Nylon's latest pictorial featuring Krystal is also advertising Keds. 

K-Fashion Inspiration: Let's Buy Some Keds by Krystal Jung

I love the Champion Wool shoes worn by Krystal in the magazine photoshoot. It comes in 4 color but Noona loves the wine color the best. The online store is having a discount for this type so the price is now USD 44.95 instead of USD 50. Not much but at least it's still a discount. XD

Wine Champion Wool Keds Shoes

If you are not really a sneaker person, there is another type of shoes that Keds has. Personally, Noona prefer the sneaker type better because it looks more fun to wear. The Teacup Velvet sells at USD 55 on Keds' online store. 

Tea Velvet Keds Shoes

Since tomorrow is Saturday, shall Noona go for a shopping spree? =P

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