The beauty of Sunken Garden in Gapyeong

If there is the most beautiful area in the Garden of Morning Calm, it is probably the Sunken Garden. This is the open area that we came across after we have enjoyed looking (and taking pictures) of the beautiful hydrangeas. But before we look at the beauty of Sunken Garden in Gapyeong, let's make a small journey to the small garden right beside it. The garden even has its own entrance but Noona could not read Korean so let's just assume it's a welcome? Anyeong~~~

This shrub is very eye-catching because it gives Noona the vibe of winter (maybe due to its whitish color) but the shrub is staying through all season. Well, maybe except winter. Singapore's Garden by the Bay has this plant too, if Noona remembers correctly. 

Winter shrub in Garden of Morning Calm Gapyeong

The next flower is the flower that I seldom see during my whole life. It is the flower of Iris. Iris flowers often come in blue. The French love them so much until the Fleur-de-lis eventually became the recognised national symbol of France. In general, iris flowers represent faith, hope and wisdom. 

Iris flowers at Sunken Garden in Gapyeong

Few steps further, we met the pretty in purple, lavender flowers. Lavender is highly popular especially as its smell is nice for perfume, lotion, soap, shampoo, and other products. A lot of people is using lavender oil too. 

Lavender field at Garden of Morning Calm Gapyeong

Okay, after saying bye-bye to the small flower garden, we came out at the entrance of an open area named Sunken Garden. The Sunken Garden has been formed from a very mountainous slope with lots of rocks and not much soil. Most of the plants planted in the sunken garden bloom annually in different color. 

Isn't the view amazing? Since Noona visited Sunken Garden in summer, most of the plants still have green leaves, although certain trees are either earlybirds for fall or naturally red in color. The color of the evergreen trees is so beautiful. If you want to see the red and yellow maple leaves, you should definitely come visit Garden of Morning Calm in the autumn.

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