Red Velvet's CF for Black Martine Sitbons

The last time Noona went to Seoul, she came back with five pairs of shoes. Back then, Noona did not know much about shoes brand in South Korea. She simply bought whatever she likes around the shopping are near Ewha University and Namdaemun Market. But lately, there are more and more CF done by idols to promote local Korean shoes brand. The interesting fact is most of these brands sound like French's brand instead of Korean's. Misleading much? Hahaha.

The shoes brand that Noona is currently lemming over is the Lonely shoes from Black Martine Sitbons. The idea is instead of buying two shoes, you can opt to buy three shoes instead. The set offers a pair of shoes with same print and additional one shoe with different print. So you can either wear the same print or do a mix and match for a different style. Confused? Let's jump to Red Velvet's CF for Black Martine Sitbons.

Red Velvet's CF for Black Martine Sitbons

When Noona checked Black Martine Sitbons' website, you really can get three shoes instead of two shoes at one price. There are so many patterns and styles you can pick for your Lonely Slip On. The price varies based on the style, material and pattern. The cute denim Lonely Slip On which Noona is currently lemming costs USD 126.31.

Lonely Slip On by Black Martine Sitbons

If you are not into slip on, Black Martine Sitbons also has other range of shoes. Red Velvet's Irene is spotted wearing sneaker from Black Martine Sitbons in the pictorial below.

Red Velvet Irene for Black Martine Sitbons

The sneakers are so popular, a lot of them have already been sold out over at Black Martine Sitbons' website. Noona particularly likes this pair of Dalida sneakers. It costs more expensive than the slip on though at USD 145.89.

Dalida sneakers from Black Martine Sitbons

Black Martine Sitbons also sells bags on its website. You can find Black Martine Sitbons' store at major department stores in South Korea like Lotte and The Shilla. 

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