Seoul's Biggest Indoor Theme Park, Lotte World

There may not be a Disneyland in South Korea but it does not mean there are no theme parks here. In fact, today Noona is going to Seoul's biggest indoor theme park, Lotte World. Noona was actually contemplating of whether she should go to Everland or Lotte World. However, since Lotte World is located in the city (around Jamsil area), Noona and her friend decided to visit Lotte World. We arrived quite early around 9-ish in the morning and it was just nice because Lotte World opens at 9.30AM. There were not many people yet in the ticketing counter.

Ticket counter at Lotte World Seoul

There are a different price tag for different category in Lotte World. It seems that there has been an adjustment to the ticket price too. When we visited the amusement park back in 2012, a day-pass ticket costs 36,000 won. However, in Lotte World's website, a day-pass ticket now costs 48,000 won. If you prefer to visit the amusement park after 16:00, the day pass ticket becomes cheaper at 38,000 won.

One day special pass at Lotte World Seoul

A cute mascot is always a must in every amusement park. Lotte World has its own set of characters too. The characters will be wandering around the park at random timings. Do wave, shake hand or take picture with them when you see them. Anyeong! 

Lotte World Cute Mascot in Seoul

The main characters in Lotte World are these two..uhm..foxes? The male fox is called Lotty while the female fox is called Lorry. 

Seoul's Biggest Indoor Theme Park, Lotte World

Lotte World is divided into an indoor and outdoor park. The indoor park is called the "Adventure" land while the outdoor park is called the "Magic Island". If you want to start your day by riding all the thrill-rides, you should go to the Magic Island first because all the crazy and scary rides are located at the outdoor park. If you want to start the day in a milder way, well...Adventure land is your starting point. How about starting the day with a ride at the pretty merry-go-round?

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