How to dress up like Jessica Jung by wearing Topshop clothes?

Noona is a big fan of British high street fashion brand called Topshop. Ever since Noona stepped into a Topshop store in Newcastle upon Tyne, a city in the Northeast side of England, during one of her university days, she has been hooked to this brand. It is a good thing that Topshop has stores in a lot of countries worldwide. Topshop has a lot of fashion items which can help us to copy Korean celebrities' street style. So for this post, let's find how to dress up like Jessica Jung by wearing Topshop clothes.

How to dress up like Jessica Jung by wearing Topshop clothes?

Noona picks the utilitarian style because oh hey, this style is versatile and it is forever cool. Even until this days. And since we are not yet in winter, we can still make it outside by wearing a utilitarian jacket. Of course it has to come in olive color, right? 

Topshop has its Four Pocket Utility Jacket named 'Elsa'. The only thing that Noona can relate to Elsa character in Frozen is ... hmm, okay, nothing. They are probably totally unrelated. Anyway, the utilitarian jacket costs USD 90 in Nordstrom website.

Elsa Four Pocket Utility Jacket by Topshop

The t-shirt is the easiest thing to copy from Jessica Jung's photoshoot with Dazed Korea. Simply find a cool print t-shirt and voila, you are good to go. Topshop has this Eminem print tee which suit the utilitarian mood at the cost of USD 38. 

Eminem Print Tee by Topshop

Last but not least, go grab yourself a pair of white shorts. Topshop has its own in-house brand for all denim-related items named Moto. This Moto White Daisy Shorts costs USD 40. 

Moto White Daisy Shorts from Topshop

Noona cannot wait to try out this style for herself although that means Noona has to spend roughly 200 bucks to get the whole concept. Well on second thought, can Noona replace the Eminem tee with a Mickey Mouse tee instead? She knows she already has one somewhere in her closet. #disneyfanforever

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