What to do at the outdoor Lotte World?

Noona was so excited when she met up with the main characters of Lotte World here. Since it was still early in the morning and the hot summer weather of Seoul is still bearable, Noona and her friend decided to check out the outdoor section of Lotte World. We were wondering what to do at the outdoor Lotte World which is called the Magic Island. As spotted in theme parks all around the world, when you cross the bridge to make your way to the Magic Island, you will see a castle. The thing is, nobody knows who is the owner of the castle in Lotte World. Abandoned one? =P

What to do at the outdoor Lotte World?

Behind the castle, you will find all the fun rides which are available at the outdoor Lotte World. Let's check them out!

1. Atlantis 

If you are into lightning speed kind of ride, you should immediately make a queue for Atlantis. The idea is you will be sitting on a jetski-look-alike and then ride the roller-coaster. There will be a strap to ensure your safety along the ride. This ride is quite fun but it lasts for a short while only. 

Atlantis at Magic Island in Lotte World

2. Gyro Swing

The next ride took us 120 minutes to queue...O_O! The Gyro Swing is one of the Gyro series ride in Lotte World. Well, to make it short, all rides in Lotte World which start with the word "Gyro" are not meant for the faint-hearted. For a start, this Gyro Swing will swing while spinning you around. There is a big lake right below the swing. 

Gyro Swing in Magic Island at Lotte World

If you are not satisfied, its sister (or brother?), Gyro Spin focuses more on the spinning (i.e. spin you at higher speed). This kinda looks like twister though. The crowds are pretty excited for these Gyro(s) rides. You can see a snaking queue easily forming for all these rides.

3. Gyro Spin

4. Gyro Drop

The last but not least, the Gyro Drop will do...well...you get the idea from its name, right? Gyro Drop will spin while bringing you up and then suddenly drop you from that height. If you are scared of height, you may want to skip this ride (or the whole Gyro-s entirely). LOL. 

Noona's heart skips a beat (not for the romantic reason, obviously) after riding all these rides. You can spend more than half a day at the outdoor Lotte World for riding these rides because of the long queue. Make sure to bring cool drinks, snacks, umbrella, hat, and fans when queuing under the hot weather. 

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