Office Trend Wear by SNSD Seohyun

What can make a lady smile? One of them is a mid-year sale for our favourite fashion brand. Yeah! Mixxo is currently having mid-year sale at its website. There are those moments in the morning whereby Noona keep on rummaging her wardrobe even though the clock is ticking because she simply does not know what to wear for today (Noona's friend called this #firstworldproblem). But this is a problem for women in general (and men too!), right? =P

Thanks goodness for inspiration from pretty Korean idols. Today, we are going to steal Seohyun's look from Mixxo. If you don't know, Seohyun is a member of a internationally famous Korean girl group called Girl Generation and also its sub-group, TaeTiSeo (TTS). She is also one of the muses for Mixxo, a Korean fashion brand. Let's see what is she wearing for office style. 

Office Trend Wear by SNSD Seohyun

The teal blouse worn by Seohyun is happened to be on 30% sale at Mixxo's website. Its price goes down from USD44 to USD31. What's interesting about this blouse is the how it looks from behind. Noona loves the cutting in the middle without the need to reveal the bare back. 

Backview of green blouse of Mixxo

Since the front part of the blouse looks kinda plain, Noona suggest to play along with some accessories. Mixxo sells accessories like bracelets, earrings and necklaces too at its website. The golden double loop necklace costs USD5 only after 70% sales.

Mixxo Golden Necklace

Even though we cannot really see what Seohyun is wearing at the bottom, we can also pair the look with a pair of nice shoes. This pair of black and white shoes from Mixxo is currently sold at USD25.

Black and white shoes at Mixxo

Since we are on the office wear topic, do you prefer to wear long or short sleeves to work? Sometimes Noona feels the dilemma because it's nice to wear long sleeves inside the cold fully air-conditioned room but it gets pretty hot during the lunch time especially when Noona eats at local hawker centre in Singapore (i.e. outdoor food court). The dilemma is real. 

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