Steal Taeyeon's Look for Baby G's Advert

The latest advertorial picture from SNSD has been making the news recently and well, SNSD kinda makes Baby G looks cool again after so long. Noona still remembered when she was back in school, not everyone could afford a Baby G. It is basically the watch for the rich kids. Nowadays, at least, the watch seems to be more affordable. Or the standard of living has improved so much so that nowadays the brand does not seem to be only catered for the riches. Hahaha. 

One thing for sure, Baby G means style and if you want to rock it, you must be able to wear it. So why don't we steal Taeyeon's look for Baby G's advert? Jump!

Baseball tee seems to be very popular this year. Noona has seen it everywhere, in the store, on the street, it has even become a dinner-and-dance's dress-code for Noona's team near the end of last year. This means a good thing because it is easy to find the alternative of the long baseball tee that Taeyeon is wearing for the advertorial picture. The number and stripe printed white baseball T-shirt from Rotita only costs USD 14.39 at the moment. So quickly grab one! =)

The number and stripe printed white baseball T-shirt from Rotita

If you prefer the t-shirt to be in other color, Rotita sells the t-shirt in black too. And it is good enough to be worn as it is because the t-shirt is pretty long just like what Taeyeon is wearing. 

The number and stripe printed black baseball T-shirt from Rotita

White wedges is also a forever favorite item this season. Steve Madden is selling a pair of its Surfside white wedges at USD39.99. They look pretty comfy too. 

The most important item in Taeyeon's picture is, of course, the Baby-G watch. Taeyeon is wearing the Baby-G watch from the new series. Casio categorises its watches by serial number so if you are interested in checking out the price, the serial number of the watch that Taeyeon is wearing is BGA-180-2B2.  The new series watch is shock resistant and100m water resistant. It also has thermometer and world time function.

Baby G G Lide Taeyeon SNSD

Noona could not find the price yet from the catalogue downloaded from Casio's website. Seems like we have to wait a little while before the price-tag is released. 

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