What to do in the indoor park of Lotte World?

When the weather outside is too hot or too cold, it is always good to play in the indoor park of Lotte World. There are attractions across the four levels of Lotte World. Noona is sure that there are rides suitable for every ages in Lotte World. So Lotte World is one of good places to bring your kids to.

What to do in the indoor park of Lotte World?

One of the rides which is fun to enjoy as a family is the Pharaoh's Fury. A family of 4 can fit into one car and you will start your great adventure together to Egypt. This is a simulation drive arcade which is fun to enjoy with both family and friends.

Pharaoh's Fury at Lotte World Seoul

If you prefer for those attractions which are not going to make your heart beat faster, you can go for a balloon ride at Lotty's Hot Air Balloon Flight. Noona and friend shared a balloon together with a group of 3 teenagers, two boys and one girl. Looks like a setting for a Korean drama, eh? They were busy taking wefie in the air though. Hahaha.

Lotty's Hot Air Balloon Flight at Lotte World Seoul

From the balloon ride, you will be able to see a the indoor park of Lotte World from the top. There is an indoor roller coaster called Giant Loop. If you watched Running Man before, Giant Loop was featured in one of the early episodes. The episode was so funny because in that particular episode, the participants must ride this roller coaster while singing. Hahaha oh my gawd, Noona can probably only scream her lungs out during the whole ordeal. 

Giant Loop at Lotte World Seoul

There is an ice skating rink inside Lotte World. The admission costs 11,000 Korean won for adults. If you need to rent the skate, there is an additional 5,000 Korean won to pay for the skate rental. A combo ticket (admission + skate rental) costs you 16,000 Korean won.

Indoor Ice Skating Rink inside Lotte World

On the other side of indoor park of Lotte World, there are a lot of castle-like building which houses kind of rides from bumper cars to fairy tale theater to shooting games. Kids will love these attractions to the max. While for us, adults, we probably will enjoy the rides outside these building more. 

Attractions at the indoor park of Lotte World

Operating hours of Lotte World:

Both the indoor and outdoor park of Lotte World opens and closes at the same time. They start at 9.30AM and close at 10.00PM.

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