Steal Hani's Look: Neon Pink and Black Color Block

EXID is currently preparing for a comeback and it seems that the theme of the comeback song is all pink. The girls are going to showcase its digital single titled 'Hot Pink' in KBS Music Bank show this coming November, 20th. With all those sexy teaser, Noona is quite excited about the single. Meanwhile, let's take a peek at what Hani is wearing for the teaser. Omo! That green hair alone is awesome although Noona will not be able to carry it without getting scorned by her boss. But other than the green hair, the rest of the outfit seems to be safe enough to follow (at least when they are worn outside office). Black bean hat and a neon pink and black color block dress. Let's steal Hani's look! Jump!

The color block dress is not so easy to find especially if you want to stick to the exact neon pink and black combination. One alternative that Noona is able to find is the color block dress from Kate Spade and it costs USD498.  

Kate Spade Color Block Dress

The reason of why it is so expensive is because it is...well, Kate Spade. And the dress is quite special because at the back, there is a bow. Make sure you have shed all your back fats before wearing this color block dress from Kate Spade. #Noonaissoscrewed

Kate Spade Color Block Bow Dress

If you prefer something cuter and cheaper, there is a another dress that Noona found from Etsy. The musical notes color block dress comes cheaper at the price of USD175. The website calls it prom dress so I suppose you can wear it to a wedding or birthday party (if the dress code permits).

Etsy musical notes color block dress

The alternative to the black beanie, on the other hand, is easy to find. And some even has cool words printed on it. The "Bad Hair Day" black beanie from Local Heroes costs USD25.50 at Selfridges&Co's website.

Black beanie Bad Hair Day at Selfridges & Co

Are you looking forward to EXID's comeback this coming Friday? 

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