Korean Coat Style by Tiffany and Seohyun

Before we know it, tomorrow is the first day of December. The weather is getting colder now and it is probably no longer the time to wear coat but that does not mean this is not the time to buy coats. Why is that the case? Mixxo (which is a Korean fashion brand endorsed by TaeTiSeo) is currently having a sale for its coats. Hooray! Let's check them out, shall we?

The first coat which is currently on sale comes in the earth-tone color like brown, teal and navy. Now, the coat (which is worn by Seohyun here) costs KRW 62,910 (equivalent to USD 54). The coat produces an A-line silhouette which Noona thinks can make the wearer look slimmer (bonus point!). 

Korean Coat Style by Tiffany and Seohyun

If earthy colour is too boring for you, how about going on the burgundy route? The red coat costs slightly higher at KRW 71,910 (equivalent to USD 62). Turns out the burgundy color can match blonde hair pretty well. The cutting for the coat is actually leaning more toward the boyfriend coat style. Prefer this style but not the burgundy color? Well, no worries, the coat comes in other colours like grey, beige and black too.

Seohyun Coat for Mixxo

This time around, let's check out the black coat which is worn by Tiffany in the advertisement for Mixxo. The coat only comes in two colours, black and khaki. Its price is similar to the first coat which is worn by Seohyun. It costs KRW 62,910 (equivalent to USD 54).

Tiffany Coat for Mixxo

So which coat is your favorite? 

By the way, are you guys excited for the upcoming album by TaeTiSeo? Noona has seen a lot of the girls' teaser picture and today they release the teaser MV for Dear Santa. Ah the melancholic feeling of Christmas...Noona really cannot believe it is already the last month of the year. Sometimes it is really crazy how time flies. 

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