Two Two Chicken, Myeong-dong

Singapore has Orchard Road, Tokyo has Shibuya, and Seoul has Myeong-dong. The hip shopping place is very popular amongst the Seoulites and international tourists. Noona has to say Myeong-dong is one of her favourite place in Seoul and this is where she can find her egg bread. #glutton

But, seriously, you must go to Myeong-dong to find all your skin care needs! 

Myeong dong shopping street in Seoul

The good thing about shopping in Myeong-dong is, when hunger strikes, you can just pop by to the nearest restaurant from where you are standing. It happened that we saw Two Two Chicken near us so our feet immediately lead us that way. Noona was too hungry to snap a picture of how Two Two Chicken look like, but thanks goodness there is Google Image. LOL.

Two Two Chickens, Myeong-dong

Two Two Chicken sells Korean fried chicken set meal. Noona calls it a set meal because each dish comprises of two servings and one serving has six pieces of chicken. We ordered half original + half sweet and sour so in total there are 12 pieces of chicken. Yum! 

This is the sweet and sour chicken. What Noona loves the most about Korean fried chicken is the sauce. The sweet and sour sauce taste so nice and we finished this plate in a jiffy. 

Sweet and sour chicken from Two Two Chicken in Myeong-dong

On the other hand, the original fried chicken tastes so so at best in Noona's book. Well, they are crunchy but taste wise, they taste kinda bland. 

Original Fried Chicken at Two Two Chicken Myeongdong Seoul

Thankfully, the chicken is not as huge as we imagine so we didn't end up like balloon after we were done with our meal. But then, we realised that the night was still young so we continued our journey to walk around Myeong-dong area at night. We visited the Myeong-dong Cathedral, which is located near to the street elevator leading to the cable car station to Namsan. 

The cathedral looks pretty at night. ^^ 

How to go to Two Two Chicken:

1. Take subway to Myeong-dong Station
2. Exit via exit no. 3 of Myeong-dong Station
3. Follow the map direction to the red star where Two Two Chicken is located

Map for Two Two Chicken in Myeong-dong Seoul

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