Spicy Japanese Curry in Seoul, Abiko Curry

If you think you can only eat Korean food in Seoul, well you are wrong. It turns out that Japanese food is also popular with the Korean. We were hungry when we were taking our stroll in Hongdae and then, we saw a banner of Japanese curry. After mulling whether it is weird to eat Japanese food in Korea, we decided to just heck it and joined the queue. #hungrymonster

Spicy Japanese Curry in Seoul, Abiko Curry

Abiko Curry turns out to be a popular Japanese curry franchise in Seoul, specialising in spicy Japanese curry. The restaurant has a nice interior. It is even decorated with a faux cherry blossom trees to make it feel that you are enjoying the meal under cherry blossom in Japan.

On top of that, Abiko Curry is also decorated with a lot of popular anime figurine like Doraemon and Pikachu. Mangas (re: Japanese comic books) are also available here for reading. 

Abiko Curry is famous for its Japanese curry. It offers three kind of dishes such as 카레라이스 (curry over rice), 하이라이스 (hayashi rice, hashed beef and rice), and 카레우동 (udon in curry). After that, you need to choose the level of spiciness and indicate if you want to add toppings. We ordered chicken karage (re: Japanese fried chicken) as a side dish. 

Abiko Curry Chicken Karage Hongdae Seoul

Here comes my plate of Japanese curry. Oh my goodness, the size of this Japanese curry is huge. I chose the pork cutlet + hayashi curry rice (re: Japanese beef stew curry). The fried garlic bits are free toppings. They taste nice when eaten together with the curry and rice. The curry flavor was yummy. The katsu is crunchy and thankfully, the pork is tender enough to eat (Noona has bad experience with pork katsu last time at other Japanese curry place). 

Pork Katsu Curry Rice Abiko Curry Seoul

If you are not a spicy food lover, you should stick to Level 1 or choose the non-spicy curry. Noona chose level 2 and she thought it was spicy enough. A higher level of spiciness will surely make her cry. Hahaha.

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