Steal Krystal's Cool Turtleneck Look

No winter lasts forever so you better enjoy it while it lasts. Noona loves wearing turtleneck and winter is the only season which gives us reason to wear one. But, turtleneck can be so tricky to wear. Most of the time, it makes us look unflattering on us. How to actually look cool in turtleneck? Let's steal Krystal's cool turtleneck look from photoshoot with Nylon magazine. Jump!

The member of f(x) wore a white turtleneck with a black denim skirt and an animal print slips on, producing an enviable look. Noona has never known this combination before but wow, apparently turtleneck can be anything but boring when combined with the right fashion items. 

Steal Krystal's Cozy Winter Look: Turtleneck and Denim Skirt

Now, since we have known what we want to wear, let's do some shopping!

Chicwish has a retro turtleneck sweater in white at a special price of USD59.42. This sweet deal will warm you hug on the thanksgiving weekend. 

Retro turtleneck sweater in white Chicwish

If you want slightly beige color, you can go for the turtleneck crop beige sweater by Victoria Secret. It is currently having a sale and the price has went down to USD31.20

Turtleneck Crop Beige from Victoria Secret

When Noona is looking for anything denim, she will go to the website of her favorite brand, Topshop, first. As what she expects, Topshop has high-waisted denim skirt by MOTO (its denim sub-brand). It is currently priced at USD52 at its online store. 

high-waisted denim skirt by MOTO Topshop

Topshop offers more than one type of black denim skirt. Noona found another one which is suitable for taller ladies. The Tall MOTO black button front skirt costs USD55 at Topshop's online store. 

Krystal is the current muse of Keds and of course the leopard print slips on are from them. The slips on are made from wool and it costs USD44.95 at Keds' online store. 

Leopard print slips on from Keds

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Dining together with family? Cozy celebration by yourself? Well it does not matter as long as we can be grateful about something in our life. There is always, always, always something to be grateful. 

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