My Neighbour Totoro Themed Restaurant in E-dae

Whenever Noona hears the word "E-dae", the first thing that will pop up in her mind is definitely shopping. There are so many shops in E-dae selling all kind of goods from clothes, shoes, make up, stationeries and accessories. Noona herself bought five pairs of shoes when she last visited Edae area. Another thing that will appear in my mind will be the beautiful Ewha University. Little did Noona know that there is a My Neighbour Totoro themed restaurant in E-dae. When Noona's friend brought Noona her, she was quite skeptical because there is no Studio Ghibli's characters, let alone Totoro, spotted on the restaurant's sign. 

젊은 식당: 보통 사람 in Edae

However, there is a saying 'Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover'. The saying applies to this humble restaurant named 젊은 식당: 보통 사람 (which literally translates to "The Young Restaurant: The Average Person"). We can see the poster of My Neighbour Totoro all around the restaurant. 

My Neighbour Totoro Themed Restaurant in E-dae

젊은 식당: 보통 사람 offers set meal which comes with side dishes. The ddeokbokki (re: Korean rice cake) is very nice. 

Ddeokbokki at My Neighbour Totoro Restaurant in Edae

One of the dishes to try in this restaurant is 겨란말이밥. While it looks like a simple egg roll from the outside, the dish is actually rice rolls wrapped in egg. It taste very good when dipped in the soya sauce. 

Rice rolls in Egg at My Neighbour Totoro restaurant in Edae

Noona ordered the chicken katsu curry set. Eating chicken katsu curry rice served with Korean banchan...Noona supposed this is what they call a fusion restaurant. Nevertheless, the food served is here is yummy and moderately priced too. Noona paid a total of 6,000 Korean Won (approx. USD 5) for the set meal. Awesome, right?

Chicken Katsu Curry Set in My Neighbour Totoro Themed Restaurant Edae

While the themed restaurant does not seem to be as extravagant as the Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, it is quite interesting enough to see so many Totoro related pictures on the wall. If you are a fan of Studio Ghibli works (especially My Neighbour Totoro), you should definitely give this restaurant a visit. 

How to go to My Neighbour Totoro Themed Restaurant in Edae:

1. Take subway to Ewha Woman's University Station
2. Go out from Exit 2 or Exit 3 of the station which leading to main street in Edae
3. Take the right turn when you see Peggy Pie Cafe
4. Climb up the steep hill until you see the restaurant on the left side of the street

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