Steal Yoona's All Black Style

Whenever Noona opens her Instagram, she can see that Girls Generation members are busy preparing themselves for their 4th solo concert, Phantasia. Phantasia is due to start this weekend at Seoul's Olympic Gymnastics Stadium. Since their latest album, Lion Heart, was a total hit, Noona is quite sure a lot of fans have bought tickets for this upcoming concert. But, since Noona is located so far away here in Singapore, she can only gaze at picture and probably look for some fans videos on Youtube. Oh well.

Back to the picture, there is this all black style that Noona is currently raving about. The all black style is pretty favorite amongst the Korean celebrity and Yoona, from all people, of course can pull off this style perfectly. The sunglasses, the black sweater, the black clutch and the black shorts works superbly on her.  Let's steal Yoona's all black style! Jump!

Steal Yoona's All Black Style

Noona could not find the identical twin sister of the sweater worn by Yoona. Instead, she found the half identical twin sister. This version of black sweater has horizontal ruffle and it is available in short sleeve. The ruffle design half sleeve knit pullover sweater from Maykool costs USD19.99

The ruffle design half sleeve knit pullover sweater from Maykool

If you are against the horizontal ruffle (yes, Noona knows it can make you look fat especially if you are not as slim as Yoona), there is another ruffle black sweater sold by Antonioli. This black sweater comes with a vertical ruffle however, the black ruffled sweater costs way higher than the above at USD198.

For the short, how about the high waisted leather short from ASOS? It costs USD50.16 at ASOS' website.

high waisted leather short from ASOS

Noona also found the alternative to the leather black clutch from ASOS. This unlined leather fold over clutch bag with studs costs USD53.75. ASOS put the remarks that the clutch is made from real leather on its website. 

Anyone else is loving the all black style?

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