Daily Parade at Lotte World, Seoul

If you are visiting Lotte World but don't feel like playing anymore rides because of the long queues, you can watch the daily parade at Lotte World. There are two timings for the daily parade at Lotte World. One starts at 2.30PM and another one starts at 7PM. We did not want to spend too much time at Lotte World because we had other plan for the evening part of that day so we decided to catch the 2.30PM. Opposite us, there are a group of school children which visited Lotte World for school trip. How cute. 

10 minutes before the daily parades start, the parade marshall will come to ensure that the crowd is seated properly so that everyone can watch the parade without being blocked by other people. Other than that, the friendly parade marshall also teach the visitors (especially children) to sing and and dance together when the parade starts. 

At 2.30 PM sharp, the parade starts with Lotty and Lorry leading a car with sparkling castle on it. 

Later on, the parade turns into adventurous theme from Sinbad where the evil sorcerer captured the princess and put her inside a bottle of a genie. 

The princess did not suffer for too long though because soon after, Sinbad appears to fight and beat the evil sorcerer to save the princess. The boat ride which tells the full story of Sinbad's heroic adventure is quite fun to ride. Go take the ride if you have the time. The queue for the ride is not as bad as the thrilling rides which located at Magic Island, the outdoor park of Lotte World

Lastly, a ice carriage from the land of Frozen (okay, maybe not, because Frozen is copyrighted by Disney) comes with a little girl on the throne. We were actually wondering how does the theme park select which girl to participate in the parade because it seems that the girl is one of the theme park's visitors. Do they have to go through certain selection or something? Hmm, not sure. On second thought, I don't even have a girl. XD

The parade lasts for around 30 to 40 minutes. It is quite fun to watch and when there are seasonal festivities, the parade's theme will follow accordingly. You should catch its Christmas parade if you are visiting Lotte World in December. 

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