Steal IU's fan-meeting look for her latest mini album, 23

Recently, IU has received a lot of criticism from the netizens regarding one of her songs in her latest mini album, 23. Ironically, the most debated song titled "Zeze" is Noona's most favourite from all her songs in that particular album. Interpretation wise, Noona does not really read the book from where IU got her inspiration on. And to be honest, music is a matter which is highly subjected to each individual's interpretation so Noona supposes if you enjoy the music, you have the right to like it. If you don't enjoy the music, you can just throw it to the side without really hunting the singer (who happens to compose the song). Oh crap, this whole paragraph went totally off topic. Hahaha.

Okay, let's go back to the main topic here, IU's fan-meeting look for her latest mini album, 23. People can criticise her song but with that kind of beauty, who can criticise her look and her style? IU worn formal blue blouse with a grey skirt. The whole look looks so preppy and suits IU so much. Noona is totally a fan of this look. <3

Steal IU's fan-meeting look for her latest mini album, 23

Okay, let's start hunting clothes to steal IU's fan-meeting look for her latest mini album, 23. 

For the blouse, Noona managed to find similar blouse from a US fashion brand, NYDJ. This Henley Blouse comes in many color and pattern but one of these colors happens to be blue. It also comes in two sizes, regular and petite. It costs USD 88 at Nordstrom's website.

Henley Blouse from NYDJ

For the skirt, Noona relies once again on her favourite fashion brand, Topshop. Topshop has this preppy check biker skirt which comes in grey. It sells the skirt for the price of USD 70 at Nordstrom. 

Topshop check biker skirt

If you think the above biker skirt is kinda too short for you, you can opt for the mid-length skirt. Noona found this amazing grey zip-up split front midi skirt from River Island. But, it comes in darker grey though. If you don't mind the color, the midi skirt costs USD 64 at River Island's online store.

grey zip-up split front midi skirt from River Island

We cannot really tell what did IU wear down there but Noona tries to find the perfect pair of shoes which goes right with the whole outfit. Noona thinks nothing fits better than a pair of court shoes in Noona's favourite color, black. This Gallop velvet court shoes comes from Topshop and it is sold at the price of USD 95 at Topshop's website.

Topshop Gallop Velvet Court Shoes

IU's style looks so simple and yet, amazingly good. Can't wait to try them in real life. 

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